Styrofoam Glue Silicone Glue / Silicona Liquida

For adhesion on multi-pored,  surfaces, poly-styrene, plastic, woods, metal, glass, cardboards, threads,beads,  handicraft yarns, sequins, fabrics, eve foam. Please note that usage amount will affect the adhesion time.

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  1. Transparent bottle
  2. Bottle moderate hardness
  3. High quality & High Solid Material
  4. Colorful cap options

Flammable, Do not use near fire. No swallow up. Avoiding kids to use alone.

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Styrofoam Glue also be called Silicone Glue, Liquid Silicone Glue, Craft Glue. The product is hot in stationery, handicraft, DIY, repair market. No matter adhesive speed, strength are better than white glue or other traditional glue.

1. Glue Material – YHL insist in use the golden percentage for component, in order to offer the best using ability for consumer.

2. Cap & Bottle Material – YHL use high impact material in order to protect merchandise when shipment in sea or land.

3. Styrofoam Glue have two different types and one is SL-01 (Solvent - Methanol), another is SL-02 (Solvent - Ethanol)

4. Test Report

    SL-01: ASTM F963-11, ASTM F963-16, ASTM F963/USP61/USP62, CPSIA, EN71-1, EN71-3, RoHS

    SL-02: ASTM D4236, ASTM F963-11, ASTM F963-16, ASTM F963/USP61/USP62, CPSIA, EN71-1, EN71-3, RoHS

5. Solid Material: SL-01: 50±10%, SL-02: 60±10%

6. Flammable and irritating. Use the product under adult supervision.

7. Use the product in well-ventilated place.

8. If eyes contact please flush with water and seek medical advice immediately.

9. Do Not Eat! Seek medical advice immediately if found.

10. Any uncomfortable, stop using and seek medical advice immediately.

11. Keep in cool place and away from children.

12. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

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